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britishboys's Journal

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Beautiful British Boys
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Come on in for all your Beautiful British Boys!!!

February, 2005: Dominic Monaghan
March, 2005: Clive Owen
April, 2005: Gerard Butler
May, 2005: Ioan Gruffudd
June, 2005: Ewan McGregor
July, 2005: Christian Bale
August, 2005: Cillian Murphy
September, 2005: Ralph Finnes
October, 2005: Colin Firth
November, 2005: Hugh Laurie
British Boy of the Year 2005: Ewan MacGregor
February 2006: William Moseley
March 2006: Paul Bettany
April 2006: Alex Kapranos
June 2006: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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This is a community for those who love anything and everything to do with hot British celebrities. You know you love them. ;)

Post pictures, share the latest news, or just talk about your favorite British guys.

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1.) No posting quizzes or icons. It takes up too much space if someone has this community on their friends page.

2.) No personal or off topic entries (YES!! this does mean community promotion, DON'T PROMOTE YOUR COMMUNITES IN HERE!!!). No entries that are offensive or contain swearing.

(They will be deleted)

3.) When posting large/multiple pictures please use the lj-cut feature. Please don't hotlink either. Go to Photobucket.com, get yourself a free account and host your own pictures instead of stealing other people's bandwidth.

4.) No posting nude pictures unless they are of British male celebrities, AND behind an LJ-cut with a warning.

Due to some confusion in this community I'd just like to state that Scotland, Wales and England are all a part of Great Britain. Therefore, everyone coming from one of those countries is British.

Maintained by eyespy and ktwhoopi
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