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Tom Hardy

Just wanted to share a tribute of all of Tom Hardy's work ♥

Title: Dressed To Digress
Vidder: deppaholic47
Fandoms: Warrior, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Virgin Queen, The Take, Wuthering Heights, Inception, A For Andromeda, Bronson.
Song: Dressed to Digress by Boy Crisis
Summary: An appreciation of undeniable sexiness ;)

tv: breaking bad

(no subject)

Movies: Anastasia, Love Actually.
TV: Community, Doctor Who, Friends, Glee, Merlin, Misfits, Pretty Little Liars, Shameless (US), True Blood.
People: Community cast, Colin Morgan, Dianna Agron, Emmy Rossum, Evan Rachel Wood, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Iwan Rheon, Karen Gillan, Lucy Hale, Matt Smith.
Music: Florence + the Machine, VersaEmerge.

+ 4 picspams & 2 psd's.


tv: breaking bad

(no subject)

Movies: Black Swan, Harry Potter.
TV: Doctor Who, Glee, Game of Thrones, Misfits, Pretty Little Liars.
People: DW cast (Arthur Darvill, Karen Gillan, Matt Smith), Glee cast (Chris Colfer, Dianna Agron), Ellen Page, Emma Watson, Gillian Jacobs.
Stock: misc.


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